5MinutesWith: Swedish art-dance rockers Revl9n
An artistic, hard-edged techo-pop brew
5MinutesWith: Swedish art-dance rockers Revl9n
Swedish three-piece Revl9n
Taking the best elements of techno pop (Madonna, Peaches) and mixing it into an artistic, hard-edged brew (think Peaches robot dancing with the Human League), Revl9n are the latest in a lineage of promising creative Swedish artists to aim for UK success.

We spoke with Åsa Cederqvist, Maria Eilersen and Nandor Hegedüs two weeks prior to their first major single release “Someone Like You” – out in the UK on Because Music. A debut album is promised this summer.

How, where and when did the three of you come together to start making music?

We got together as friends in Stockholm. Maria and Åsa started the band with another guy called Vejde in 1998. One year later Nandor joined with his fabulous bass playing, soon thereafter Revl9n formed as the trio it now is.

Your music seems to have a sense of edgy energy running through it. How would you describe it?

We are three strong personalities with loads of energy and wild ideas.. Simple as that.

How do you feel ahead of your UK live appearances next month?

It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun!

Swedish acts across all genres are doing brilliantly in the UK at the moment, why do you think that is?

No idea. You are the journos…

Your first three releases were on vinyl. What’s your own most prized piece of vinyl?

Nandor: Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
Åsa: Roedelius (Hans – Joachim Roedelius) Selbstportrait, Skyrecords, 1979. Would cry if I lost it!
Maria: Pas de deux – compilation

If you weren’t working in music, where would you be working?

Nandor: Actor, author, film maker/director
Åsa: Artist, film maker/director
Maria: Author, filmmaker/director

What or who most influences the music you make?

Travelling, people, art, funny situations, politics, sports

Favourite album as a child?

Nandor: Sparks “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for The Both of Us”
Åsa: Pointer Sisters: “So Excited”
Maria: Best of The Beatles

Tell us an interesting fact about Revl9n that won’t be in the press release:

We like Crochet work, horseback riding, football and port wine. But not all at the same time…

‘Someone Like You’ is released May 29th and the band are playing dates across the UK with MSTRKRFT from May 24th. Check local listings or hit their Myspace (myspace.com/revl9n).

Article ripped cleanly from http://www.soundgenerator.com/ so go there and read it!
I’ll write a proper review when I have met them again!

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