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The Band:

Steve ‘The Cockney Warbler’ Grey: Vocals
Wally: Guitar/vocals
Ian: Guitar
Jim ‘Man of Stone’ Gault: bass
Yout-man: Drums
Stalwart: Sax/vocals
Rory ‘Rawhide’ Gordziejko: Trumpet

Started: 1984

Website: www.owterzeds.com

Band History:

The Owter Zeds started zedding in 1985 from a scratch band called ‘Citizen Reg and the Reggieburgers’ formed to raise funds for the miners’ strikes in ’83.

The band has stuck doggedly to its policy of playing all original material and has appeared all over the North of England.

Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, their support includes people from all walks of life. Anyone who enjoys a good time can get down and dance to their infectious rhythms and catchy melodies!

The band has seen many changes in its 19 years and currently has eight full time members. Drums, djembe, bass, guitar, guitar & keyboards, trumpet, saxophone and vocals.

source BBC unsigned bands