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Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real world and computer generated data. At present, most AR research is concerned with the use of live video imagery which is digitally processed and “augmented” by the addition of computer generated graphics. Advanced research includes the use of motion tracking data, fiducial marker recognition using machine vision, and the construction of controlled environments containing any number of sensors and actuators.

This ‘is’ What Happens to Assassins Around Here

January 21, 2006
This is What Happens to Assassins Around Here

Okay, this guy isn’t really an assassin, more like a bandit. He’s like a lot of bloggers these days, in that he scours the Web for other peoples’ original content and then reposts it with an inane kind of “hear, hear! I agree!” Except he doesn’t attribute the source, he doesn’t know what quotation marks are, and every single image on his Blogger site is hotlinked from somewhere else. (If you don’t know what I mean by these terms – direct linking or hotlinking – basically he’s using images somebody else put up, without hosting them on his own site or using photobucket, flickr, imageshack, etc. Everytime someone visits his page, I get charged a few pennies, because his server – – retrieves that same image from my server. Over and over again.) None of his sources are given the common courtesy of a page link, natch.

Everyone “borrows” images and ideas. That’s not what pisses me off. Mister g4jima came to my attention because I noticed my host was getting lots of referrals from his page. Then I poked around his site and noticed the rampant plagiarism and shitty netiquette and the fact that he not only reprinted my entire post without linking back, he even copied my “Illegal Disclaimer” from the sidebar over there on the right, verbatim. I mean, come on. Imitation is the sincerest form of flabbiness.

Oddly, he has an awful lot of posts regarding plagiarism on the net.
It’s not an un-interesting site, but the above issues you’ve mentioned make me wonder where it’s all coming from.
I used to get comments from folks and would follow the link back to their spider hole, only to discover a blogger page that seemed either ‘bot generated or cobbled together from several disparate sources. A hot looking woman who’s into both real estate investment AND industrial music and (of course) becoming an aspiring novelist, all with personal posts that tended to conflict with the highly detailed profile. That’s what I deserve for taking the time to look.

Comment by rich January 28, 2006 @ 11:02 am