Momentum flux

Momentum flux, the rate of transfer of momentum across a unit area (N·s·m-2·s-1). (Newtonian fluid, viscous flow)
Heat flux, the rate of heat flow across a unit area (J·m-2·s-1). (Fourier’s Law) [5] (This definition of heat flux fits Maxwell’s original definition[4].)
Chemical flux, the rate of movement of molecules across a unit area (mol·m-2·s-1). (Fick’s law of diffusion)
Volumetric flux, the rate of volume flow across a unit area (m3·m-2·s-1). (Darcy’s law)
Mass flux, the rate of mass flow across a unit area (kg·m-2·s-1). (Either an alternate form of Fick’s law that includes the molecular mass, or an alternate form of Darcy’s law that includes the density)

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