BlueTooth Hacking: Step by Step Guide

BlueTooth Hacking: Step by Step Guide

You have heard of BlueSnarfing, but how do they actually work? Cryptonomicon has a nice guide on Bluetooth hacking.

Bluejacking is a mostly harmless activity. Though it is an unintended use of a technical feature, most hard-core geeks do not find sufficient technical challenge in the activity. For the more serious hacker, looking to explore the security features of their Handset, more technically demanding sport is required.

The summary of the steps are:

1. have a read at the War Nibbling: Bluetooth Insecurity for an overview
2. get Bluez, a Bluetooth networking stack that runs on linux
3. investigate the security characteristics of your handset thru BlueTooth Security Database or BlueStumbler
4. use BlueSniff and RedFang to eavesdrop on BlueTooth conversations
5. and finally BTScanner to query your device and report common settings

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