Barbie Anthropology

With the advancement of technology in society from primitive to industrial, power is less and less dependent on brawn, in particular the info-tech era of 20th century. Consequently, the frail sex has climbed the power ladder in society as a whole, especially in the pragmatistic American society, with movements such as feminism and “equality of sexes” laws. Sexual traits such as the nuturing tits and inseminating penis are made functionally unnecessary by technology. Pregnancy, the defining functionality of the female and the root of all sexual traits biological and social, is however still necessarily carried out by a female body. Impinging technologies such as nanotech and genetics may eliminate this final biological basis of the relations between the sexes with artificial womb. However, fucking by itself is still loved and performed routinely more frequently than ever by both sexes without the engenderment of procreation. It is likely that technology will be able to totally eliminate the human element of human reproduction in the next 50 years (e.g. artificial womb, societies of artificial germination, clone farm…), but it is not likely to change human’s sexual values and behaviors that has been imbued in the genes of humanity for the past thousands of years. Women will continue to exhibit themselves to attract male with their breasts and legs, and men will grapple for power to win mates, despite the obviated biological imperative of self preservation and propergation.

One interesting observation is the pre-coitus ritual performed by human animals in dance clubs of modern society. It is also interesting to note that in advanced societies such as our internet era, the fecundity of sexual innuendos sticks to our eyes and ears from the media every minute of it. Such value system is instilled in the younglings beginning with Barbie or GI Joe. Even with these manisfestations, the human society on the whole do not readily accept their sexual behavior and thinkings and aggression. Pornography, prostitutes, power struggles are looked down despite the rampant, ubiquitous demand and supply. These suppressions may be the fruits of a power structure, where primitive behaviors and thoughts are controlled by the abstract artifact “morality” of elite in power.

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